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Welcome to the INKEY Blog. Where we spread and share our skincare knowledge with you!

The root of whether your hair is curly or straight goes deep. Learn more about why hair can be curly, how to care for curly hair and the best INKEY List hair products that can help define curls and manage kinks and coils.

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Celebrity hair stylist Bjorn Krischker, takes us through 3 simple hair styles that you can easily create at home, along with sharing some top tips on how to treat and hydrate your hair in the winter months. 

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We’ve teamed up with celebrity hair stylist Bjorn Krischker, who has shared his insight on how to style different hair types. With an illustrious career working on photoshoots, events and with celebrity clients, Bjorn truly embodies INKEY’s ethos of ‘Knowledge Powers Change’. Read on for his top tips for curl definition, volume and repairing damaged hair….

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Whether it’s the summery haze of humidity or the result of ongoing damage to the hair, frizz can find its way to all hair types. Find out what causes frizzy hair and how to tame it with The INKEY List's best hair treatments.

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