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Why We're Increasing Our Prices


At The INKEY List, our top priority is providing our community with high-quality skincare and scalp care at an accessible price. We also promise to always be transparent and honest with you, which is why we are sharing that starting 1st January 2023, you will notice some of our prices increasing. Here’s why:

Cost of Materials

The rising costs of materials, raw ingredients, energy/fuel, labour and packaging that has impacted beauty brands globally, including us.

The Pandemic

The prolonged lockdowns that took place amidst the global pandemic resulted in disrupted supply chains. As global operations restarted, the demand for logistics services exceeded capacity, causing prices to rise and creating severe shipping delays.


Globally, inflation is affecting both consumers and businesses. Let’s break down how these changes will affect YOU.  

How much will prices increase by?

Our products will always remain accessible, at fair prices. The price changes will be kept to a minimum, but we’re excited to share that some of our fan-favourite products will stay the same price such as Polyglutamic Acid Serum and our dermatologically developed SuperSolutions range. 

Otherwise, our current prices will increase by $0.50 - $3. 

Planning Ahead

We know this news is tough so we want to give you plenty of time to stock up on your favourite INKEY products before this change takes effect. Our Recipe Builder and askINKEY resources will always be free of charge so that you can be equipped with skin and hair knowledge to find products that suit your needs as well as your budget. 

As always, if you have any further questions about our price increases or skin and scalp care in general, chat with us directly at askINKEY, 24/7.


With Love, 

The INKEY Team