Introducing Keren 22, Florida USA

My name is Keren and I’m originally from Ghana, West Africa, but currently reside in the United States, Florida and have been here for the majority of my upbringing.

My skin journey started when I was around 16 years old. In an effort to take better care of my skin, I used a harsh soap that caused a severe reaction. I had rash-like dermatitis that was dispersed all over my face, so it was very noticeable.

In a effort to fix what wasn’t broken, I had done major damage

This sparked my interest in researching what to do to treat it. I was constantly researching methods, both DIY and product-based to try to resolve this problem. My skin wasn’t bad at all, I can thank genetics for that. But in an effort to fix what wasn’t broken, I had done major damage. My mindset back then was trying everything and anything to get rid of the acne.

I love the scientific and educational approach The INKEY List took, unlike most brands

These days, now that I’m much more educated via my degree in chemistry and my job as a dermatologist medical assistant, I know generally which ingredients are good and bad for your skin. Now, I use ingredients and products I know my skin will agree with in order to avoid having a breakout as extensive as I had in the past.

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